Meeting the demands of a PRESTIGIOUS NATION

Bludan Trading

Persistence, Consistency & Professionalism

Bludan Trading is the food wholesale distribution arm of Intertec Group and one of the largest suppliers of food commodities such as rice, sugar, edible oil and milk to Qatar. It was acquired by the company in 1997. This subsidiary operates mainly out of a state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar. By working with the Government of Qatar, Bludan

Trading played a pivotal role in ensuring that the food supplies in the country remained sufficient to meet the demands of the residents amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, we launched Bludan Retail that focuses on FMCG products.

  • 146, Zone 39, 251 Al Amir St, Doha
  • (974) 4469 6700